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Eco Sneakers

"We're proud to be putting sneakers on people's feet across the world!"

Sneaker Trail Begins

While training for the Peachtree Road race on Peachtree Street, call it “Destiny” or “Divine Purpose”; I had a chance meeting with a homeless man sitting alone without any shoes on his feet. “Sir, where are your shoes?” He replied, “I don’t have none”. I took the simple luxury of my size 15 shoes and shared them with this man who had no shoes. Six months later I was driving through Downtown Atlanta and saw the same homeless man wearing that same size 15 shoes that I had previously given him. He shared a signal, a simple nod, showing he remembered the deed that was done. What a feeling to make a difference in someone’s life.

So Eco Sneakers began, collecting gently used shoes to share with the homeless community.  Friends and family volunteer, contributing to the “Divine Purpose”, assisting Eco Sneakers in changing the world. Eco Sneakers has since spread to include recycling efforts. Some are broken down and repurposed to make athletic surfaces. Some shoes are sent abroad and redistributed, thus creating jobs. We’re proud to be putting sneakers on people’s feet across the world. REDUCE, REWEAR, then RECYCLE!.....

- Bobby Johnson Founder/President



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                DONATE $$            

**Mail, etc. Delivery Address:

Eco Sneakers, LLC or Eco Sneakers Foundation, Inc.,

P. O. Box 488, Clarkdale, GA 30111

Recycled shoe donations $2/per pair 

*A complete list of Sneaker Drop-off Locations for New or Gently-Used Not Abused sneakers is found on the Locations Page 

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