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How Does A Shoe Drive Fundraiser Work?

One of the biggest reasons why Eco Sneakers has been so successful engaging nonprofits, schools, civic groups, and others to fundraise with a shoe drive fundraiser is because there’s little or no upfront cost to our partners!

Eco Sneakers shoe fundraising drives get your entire team involved in a fun, easy, and engaging experience that will leave a powerful and lasting impression. Our fundraising coaches will work with you to create a campaign event that is branded around your organization in order to ensure maximum fundraising success and awareness.

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Atlanta Man Repurposes 450,000 Pairs Of Shoes For People In Need

Atlanta Man Repurposes 450,000 Pairs Of Shoes For People In Need

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Eco Sneakers Foundation, Inc. is a Georgia corporation exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal Identification Number is (EIN): 88-1622609.

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Why Choose Us

  • An environmentally conscious fundraising organization

  • A non-profit organization that creates opportunity

  • Specialized programs that fit your mission and vision

  • High standards of practice and a streamlined process.

  • Quick processing and turnaround of payments


Collected Shoes will be taken to redistribution centers in Atlanta and will be given to those in need as well as recycled into other materials.


Once distributed, new part-time jobs are created throughout the US. Also, provides community service for marine recruits, girls scouts, boy scouts, and high school students.


Raise social recycling awareness through participant engagement at your event. Environmentally friendly fundraising opportunities!


Partnering with other social enterprises, these sneakers are repurposed locally, nationally and globally to senior citizens, youth in need, veterans, the homeless, and ladies abuse centers.

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