"Being of service is the debt we pay for our time here on earth!"

EcoSneakers.Org is a Social Enterprise+ that provides effective and environmentally friendly opportunities for both local and global impact.


Recycle your shoes to someone who doesn’t have any.

Did you know that 400 million children worldwide live in extreme poverty?

Did you know that most of them have never owned a pair of shoes?

We help children suffering from the terrible ramifications of walking barefoot – including illness from soil parasites and the inability to attend school – through our free shoe distributions. When you donate used shoes to EcoSneakers.Org, you are helping finance our distributions of new shoes to children worldwide.

Recycle Old Sneakers Into New Athletic Surfaces
EcoSneakers.Org is much more than just a sneaker recycler. Our efforts produce good in the world.



Donate your “gently used” shoes to those in need.



Developing opportunities and changing the world through job creation.



RECYCLE your sneakers for playgrounds, basketball courts and tracks.

We're proud to be putting sneakers on people's feet across the world!

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